It saves my franchisee network hours in design time because now the customer can design it themselves. In today's very competitive environment where time is quite literally equal to money, our business cannot afford to be without it. It helps keep us ahead in the technology race. We found Opun Planner so good you can even design the floor plan of a house with it. Added to the fact the system also gives some very useful tips on kitchen design our customers love it.
by Derek Lilly of Dream Doors (NZ) Ltd with franchises in NZ, Australia, Canada and the USA

This program is very easy to use and very helpful. Thank you!

Great website ... handy for showing clients and doing tweaks to designs on the go ... the best on the internet by far.

considering its free, I found it to be pretty useful and will probably use it again.

Absolutely easy to do it by yourself! It's my first time and I'm amazed!

So far your program has been great! I am using it to make a design for baseball and softball field concession area. It is easy to use and the finished design looks amazing!

This is exactly what I needed to see my vision for my dream kitchen! Thank you

Brilliant free tool. When the kitchen is done I will send some photos so you can see how much this software helped me to visualise it!

Really good piece of software. Easy to use, even for a novice like me.

Finally, a well achieved tool to plan your home upgrades. I love it because it´s simple and intuitive. Thank you!

Hi - Never used anything like this before. However, once i got going i found it easier to correct my design and have benefitted from using it for sure. Many thanks for providing this freely. Kind regards, Clive