Kitchen Planning


There is a huge amount of information on the internet about room design and kitchen and bathroom planning, usually from manufacturers of furniture, cabinets, tiles, paints floor coverings etc. We have included some links here to sites which give general advice on design which you might find useful. You can visit manufactures' own sites to get information about specific types of products.

Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Here are a few useful links for some general tips on Kitchen and Bathroom design. This is by no means exhaustive so check on a search engine to find other sites:

Lots of tips for all aspect of kitchen design, home improvements, purchasing and installation can be found on The Almost Impartial Home Improvement Guides and specifically about kitchens. Also "A guide to planning a kitchen" from Channel 4 contains design advice for your new kitchen.

A guide from Which gives general design tips and lists of some manufactures.

Some "Fantastic Ideas for Your Kitchen or Bathroom" can be found on Kitchen Bathroom ideas which is well worth a visit.

A TalkTalk web site with some general advice on kitchen planning and general tips for home design, including bedrooms and bathrooms has useful ideas and links.