Internet Browser

The latest version of Opun Planner does not work in Internet Explorer 10 or previous versions as WebGL is not supported. If you are running this version and experiencing problems we recommend that you update to a later version of Internet Explorer or try an alternative browser. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox both support the planner. You can use the older version of the site on Internet Explorer, however this requires Java to run, which has been problematic for some users.


If you click on the printer icon on the tool bar a pop up will be launched that opens your printer dialogue box and allows you to print. It does take a little time to launch, so you may need to be patient. You may also find that the pop up blocker on your browser is preventing you from printing. This is easy to rectify - just select "always allow pop ups from this site" when prompted. If you have Google toolbar installed you may also need to allow popups in the toolbars settings.

Green Screen

Certain graphics cards cause a green tinge to appear on some items in 3D. We are working to resolve this. In the meantime you can switch your graphics to simple mode by going to help and selecting colour problems? from the menu. You may need to choose this option if you leave the site and return to it later.

It may be possible to resolve this display issue by updating your graphics card.

Problems viewing or saving

Problems viewing or saving your design may mean that you need to update your display drivers.

This is easily done by going to the control panel, selecting the device manager, then display adapters, right clicking on the display driver (usually Intel) and selecting update driver software. Choose to search automatically for updated driver software and follow the on screen instructions.

It is also possible that the hardware acceleration on your computer may be deactivated. This can usually be set in "Display Settings" in "Control Panel", or on Vista and later, in "personalize" . The hardware acceleration details can be found in the advanced settings for your monitor. As a rule of thumb if you can't change the setting then it is active.

It may also be that your Java cache needs clearing down. This can also be done in control panel. Select the Java icon and then the general tab. At the bottom, beneath 'temporary files' is a settings button. Click on this and then delete files. Delete all types of files and select ok and ok.